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Michael Tice

Michael Tice
Born in 1953 in Georgia, Michael Tice has always been an accomplished draftsman ever since early childhood. In 1975, he received a BFA from the University of South Carolina, a two-month fellowship to the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, NH, and went on to do some graduate work at the University of North Carolina and New York University.

A successful painter, Michael Tice has received numerous awards and fellowships during his career. His work is in numerous public and private collections worldwide including Miami University, the University of South Carolina, the Greenville County Museum of Art, The Miller Brewing Company, the Hallmark Corporation, and the MacDowell Colony.
Michael Tice's work has appeared nationally in group exhibitions at the Stroud Foundation, the Greenville County Museum of Art, the Weatherspoon Gallery, and the Minnesota Museum of Art, among others.

He has also had solo exhibitions in Manhattan at 55 Mercer, the Sensory Evolution Gallery, the Gallery at Flamingo East, and also at the Time & Space, Ltd. Gallery in Hudson, N.Y. His solo exhibitions outside New York were at the University of Alabama, and the Durham Arts Council, among others. He has shown his work frequently in New York since the early 1980s, and has been featured in curated exhibitions at the Fashion Institute of Technology, The Durst Organization, Margaret Bodell Gallery, George Billis Gallery and numerous other galleries and alternative spaces

The paintings of Michael Tice combine a narrative mood with decorative charm and a sense of childhood nostalgia. Tice evokes settings and atmospheres reminiscent of 1950s 'Dick and Jane' readers and colorful story books to hint at the anxiety underlying an orderly suburban world. With its skillful figuration and pleasing colors, Tice's work candy coats a compelling psychological complexity, enabling the viewer to sense the discontent brewing beneath the idyllic surface of the American dream.

Marie R. Pagano

Figurative & Portraiture
Gallery & Studio Magazine
March/April 2001

Art Work

Oil paintings by Michael Tice Oil Paintings by Michael Tice
Oil Paintings
Monotype Prints Ink figure drawings on paper by Michael Tice
Drawings and Etchings
watercolor paintings by Michael Tice watercolor paintings by Michael Tice
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Why do you

Making art is basically something I love doing. For me it's an ongoing dialogue with myself, artists of the past, my contemporaries, and the viewer.

What are your methods and techniques?

I like to work in a variety of media - oils on canvas, panel or paper, watercolor on paper, mixed-media drawing on paper including pastel, ink charcoal, pencil, etc, as well as etching and monotype

Who are your influences?

I like a lot of the Surrealists, Duchamp, H.C. Westermann, William T. Wiley, Philip Guston, Jim Dine, R.B. Kitaj, David Humphrey, and Amy Sillman, among others.

Do you paint for an audience?

Yes, it's always very gratifying if someone responds positively to my work. I'm always encouraged and inspired by it. Even negative criticism can be helpful. I enjoy creating a dialogue between the work and the viewer, and hopefully people will get a sense of my personal involvement in the work.

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